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beyond tetris

For those who might not be familiar, when Tetris first emerged in 80s the popular game was considered by many a good “game for girls”. At the time, it was one the few gender-neutral offerings. That’s a nice way of saying it was one of the few in a world of shoot-em-up video gaming aside from Mario and Yoshi. Things are beginning to change a bit. Megan Gaiser, Chief Creative Officer of Her Interactive, Inc. offers us a few inspirational words about the history of girls and gaming.

We have quite a few fans of gaming, sports, and the girls comic world among us in Cohort 12. We repost one the first blog items from the Feminine Side of Fantasy Football that gets behind some of the reasons women like the game. Actually, women account for 45 percent of the National Football League’s fan base according to league officials. The NFL has come a courtin’ with pop-up boutiques , fan clubs, and female-sized team gear.

For some “comic” relief we hear from the blog Girls Plus Comics about the Amelia Rules! graphic novel series by Jimmy Gownley which was recommened to our fellow Cohort 12 blogger by her son! In addition, we hear about a real-life Superman by Ana Ski on her blog Digital Noms. It’s a poignant blog post filled with love for her brother as the author ponders what superheroes eat with her own unique voice. Ana shared via tweet last week that she thinks about how “she talks to her brother” when she writes. Here’s the proof.

However, there still exists a dark side to the gaming world as Anita Sarkeesian is well aware. She produces an ongoing web series of thought-provoking video commentaries about stereotypes in the gaming industry. And, for a historical perspective on female artists in general take a wander down to the Seattle Art Museum and visit their new exhibit: Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris for some eye-opening work.

As the Virginia Slims ad used to claim: “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Well yes, but there are still many more miles to go …

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