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My childhood days were spent playing basketball, football, hockey, baseball, and soccer in the neighborhood streets with boys. I spent my Sundays curled up on the couch watching the Detroit Lions with my father.

My teenage years were spent playing softball and basketball, competitively. My Sundays were still spent curled up on the couch watching the Detroit Lions with my father.


This is a posting from the blog the Feminine Side of Fantasy Football. This blog tracks the author’s Sunday ritual of spending time with family and friends, hollering over the games, and tracking their Football Fantasy Leagues from a feminine point of view. Check out her posts and her passion.


My undergrad experience included a year of collegiate softball, many years of intramural sports, and Saturdays following my college football team all across the U.S. My Sundays were still spent watching the Detroit Lions, but I no longer shared a house or couch with my father. Instead, Sundays were “bar” day; a whole day of beer, chicken wings, the NFL, friends, and bar stools.

© The Feminine Side of Fantasy Football

© The Feminine Side of Fantasy Football

The first year out of college I met the man who is now my husband (he will go by his league name, VAN BUREN BOYS, in this blog). There are many things he would say that he liked about me right away, but one of the biggest things that he was enamored with right from the start was my love of football. He had a girlfriend who only wanted to do one thing on Sundays- watch the NFL games. He was in heaven. I was NOT.Every Sunday we sat in front of the television, our eyes glued to the NFL games. I stared at the TV, he stared at his computer. His computer was more fascinating for him because he was a fantasy football player. He shouted, yelled, and mumbled with every refresh of his team’s page. For twelve hours on Sundays, every throw, ball caught, interception, touchdown, etc… mattered to him in a much more personal way. I wanted in on this. I wanted to stop being an outsider in his Sunday madness.Fast forward a year…I pushed my way into a friend’s league that had two females and ten males (one of which was VAN BUREN BOYS). My Sundays became so much more exciting! I was able to sit on the couch with my computer; talking trash, commiserating, and rejoicing right alongside VAN BUREN BOYS. Fantasy football became “our” thing. He still had leagues he played in with just guys, but we had something else we shared “together.”

Sundays are my favorite day of the week and throughout this blog you will learn the reasons why. This is one of them- it’s a bond I share with my husband. This bond started when we were just dating and is still present, 4 years into our marriage. I know that he loves when I ask his advice and hates when I do better than him. I love when I do better than him and hate when I don’t take his advice and hear a quiet mumble of “told you so.”

My participation in fantasy football is just one part of our Happily Ever After.

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