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what’s my type?


To B or not to B?

© HANNS-PETER NAGEL, What’s My Type?,  MCDM, Cohort 12

So where do you start with creating a font? I have done some research, I looked at many, many typefaces and I even have an idea on how to get it onto the computer. The problem is: there are already so many fonts out there, it seems all a little bit overwhelming. So I did what always helps when the accumulated knowledge of mankind makes me feel small and insignificant: turn off the Interweb. Gone are all the awesome type designs that I can never come close to. Gone are all the examples that look so close to my drawings, it makes me feel like I just copy somebody else’s work.


Track the progress of Hanns-Peter’s creative adventure and offer your opinions as he works on his font. Visit the What’s My Type? blog.


Instead, I took pencil and paper, picked the letter B and started drawing. One row, two rows, three – once you get into the rhythm it is actually quite fun. Because you soon start to notice how little variations change the “look” of the letter. Why uppercase B? I just wanted to try a more difficult letter with a round form.

Take a look at the rows of B’s above. Any favorites? I kind of like the B in the second row, third from left. It has some character but is still solid and friendly.

So, what do you think?

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