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Looks like the big O in organic may soon stand for Oprah. A recent report shares that Oprah appears to being going local and organic. She (meaning her staff, of course) filed a trademark for the name “Oprah’s Organics” for a variety of foods including salad dressings, sauces, soups, dips, frozen vegetables and beverages. She’s also included an application for a line of bath and body products and other personal-care items. Oh, and a catering service called Oprah’s Harvest and Oprah’s Farm. When she still had her daytime talk show, book authors, movie stars, and businesses would welcome the “Oprah Effect” on their products and their personalities. Imagine what she’ll be able to do for the humble string bean, dipping sauce or body cream?

But Oprah’s not the only one with favorite things that say organic and local. Check out the creative food adventures of Cohort 12 colleagues as they share a few of their favorite things. James Pak is taking on the challenge of creating a locally inspired ramen broth on his blog Globalization Ramen. While CMRock is taking on the challenge of cooking tasty meals from the delivery of her CSA box from a local farm with Sauteed Garlic + A Veggie Box. She has a great take on why you should care about GMO. Cohort colleague Josefina Hellensberg is new to the Northwest, from her native Denmark, and is sharing her food Restrictions Turned Creative.

And, finally, the guest blogger this week is a duo. Commerical director Susan Soltes and photojournalist Harley Soltes write about their recent conversion to the farming life and how they are dedicated to reviving Bow Hill Blueberries and converting the property to certified organic.

Bon Appetit!

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