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seeing red


Red is my favorite color. One of the many reasons why I love it, is that it is red, there is nothing ambiguous about it. It has a personality, and it inhabits the wearer, object or place that it decorates. It pops. It’s flashy. It is mezmerizing. Red is a “warm” color – along with oranges and yellows it is an intense color that “grows”. As a contrast, “cool” colors such as blue, green and purple recede. For example: if you compare pictures of two chairs that are the same style but one is red and the other is blue, the red chair would appear larger.

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Red plays visual tricks on us all the time. Not only are our eyes tricked, but our subconscious is as well – check out this study from the University of Rochester about female attractiveness when wearing the color red.


Take a peek at some of the Color Bee’s other colorful explorations in the city of Seattle.


It is a deeply symbolic color, and it plays a key character in many modern stories. How could we have Dorothy and the Wicked Witch without the ruby slippers? And Little Red Riding Hood would not be the same if her hood were green or blue. Anne of Green Gables was bullied in school about her flaming red hair, and throughout the children’s series her red hair is her enemy, her friend, and defines her as a person.

Red is bold, rich and passionate; it draws my eyes to it and keeps them there. The above image is a painting by Mark Rothko. To many people, this image is so simple, a kindergartner could have created it. However, Rothko juxtaposes colors in his paintings with intention to spark emotions. The internet does not do Rothko’s paintings justice – the only way to really immerse yourself in his color is to see them in person. Of course, my favorite paintings feature red. I could stare at them for hours – they are inspiring, and they tug at something in my heart that connects to red more than any other color.

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