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time-lapse iPhone photos


I decided to revisit some time-lapse with my iPhone. The best camera is the one you have, right? Anyway, I recently assembled an iPhone gear kit to have with me at all times. Below is a picture of everything in action creating a time-lapse video. You can check out the video at the end of this blog entry.


Seattle In Motion © JOHN HELLRIEGEL


This re-post highlights Hellriegel’s recent work using his iPhone, time-lapse imagery, and a great music piece of music to work with his video. Feel free to tell him where he should go to work some more of his time-lapse magic.


I was inspired by The Frugal Film Maker to turn an Otter Box into a good iPhone mount. You can get the Otter box defender on Amazon now for 15 bucks. Best iPhone holder for photo &video ever…. I have it attached to a small manfrotto 492 ball head and a hefty guerilla pod. Shooting video with the iPhone is a real battery suck, so I have it connected to an i.sound external battery. It is a wonderful little device for long plane rides to Europe, camping, or powering just about any portable electric device.

Oh yeah, the time-lapse stuff. I find myself defaulting to setting the camera to take a picture every 10 seconds. This creates a nice 6 shots a minute and 360 shots in an hour. Play the images back at 24 frames per second and you have 1 hour of time compressed into a manageable 15 seconds.

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