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the power of images

© ROBIN AVNI, connections|12, MCDM, Cohort 12 From the daguerreotype to the digital, the camera has captured sports victories and wartime heartbreak, the mystery of distant worlds, and the escapades of the famous as well as the … Continue reading

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a photojournalist’s five-step plan

© LARRY C. PRICE, PHOTOJOURNALIST + STORYTELLER My wife, Debbie, and I begin each begin most mornings with a little ritual. We hurry into our living room with our morning … Continue reading

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ten thousand takes

© SARAH, TENTHOUSANDTAKES, MCDM, Cohort 12 I was struck by how beautiful and imaginative it was, not to mention cleverly designed. I wondered how many hours went into carefully planning each shot, … Continue reading

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time-lapse iPhone photos

© JOHN HELLRIEGEL, SEATTLE IN MOTION, MCDM, Cohort 12 I decided to revisit some time-lapse with my iPhone. The best camera is the one you have, right? Anyway, I recently assembled an … Continue reading

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seeing red

© ADRIENNE, COLOR BEE BUZZ, MCDM, Cohort 12 Red is my favorite color. One of the many reasons why I love it, is that it is red, there is nothing ambiguous … Continue reading

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service to the forgotten

There is something special happening when Bruce Springsteen credits your book as his muse. That is what Pulitzer-prize winners photographer Michael S. Williamson and author Dale Maharidge experienced when they heard … Continue reading

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creativity + crowdsourcing

It’s a commonly held belief that creativity is more an act of divine inspiration than hard work. In actuality creativity is much more of a process than a distinct Eureka! moment … Continue reading

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