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a photojournalist’s five-step plan

© LARRY C. PRICE, PHOTOJOURNALIST + STORYTELLER My wife, Debbie, and I begin each begin most mornings with a little ritual. We hurry into our living room with our morning … Continue reading

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© MEGAN GAISER, Chief Creative Strategy Officer, Her Interactive Inc. I want you to remember three things: IGNORE THE NAY SAYERS, TAKE RISKS and BUCK THE SYSTEM. When I joined the gaming … Continue reading

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leadership + such

For this premier issue of connections|12 we start by exploring volunteers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Sometimes they are all one in the same, while sometimes leaders manage volunteers, or entrepreneurs are … Continue reading

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i will follow U

© ROBIN AVNI, MCDM Cohort 12 . Technically speaking, it’s pretty simple to post and tweet your way to “leadership” in the digital age as today’s tools offer some of the … Continue reading

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amazing things via volunteers

© WILL POOLE, Social Technologist; Managing Partner at Unitus Seed Fund. In my corporate career I had hundreds, and at times thousands, of people working in organizations I led.  Since … Continue reading

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leadership for tomorrow

Leadership Tomorrow prepares, challenges and engages emerging and existing leaders through leadership development for the benefit of the Puget Sound region. The organization’s programs enlighten, inspire and transform participants, who … Continue reading

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