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a small experiment in linking peers + postings

about this blog

This blog is the product of a class assignment for Networks + Narratives in Digital Media COM546, a course in the Masters of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) program at the University of Washington. The editor of this blog is Robin Avni. She can be contacted at


Links. Networks. User-generated content. They are all potential connections.

The strength of my network, or any of our networks, is not based on a single virtual link but how that “link” translates into real-time social capital. When creating a hyperlink is as easy and vacuous as saying “Have a nice day!” what does that connection really mean in terms of developing personal relationships, social responsibility, and individual accessibility?

Enter the lifestyle magazine format and a small experiment in translating virtual links to personal interactions. The goal of connections|12 is to create a platform that successfully leverages cohort-generated content and professional relationships to make networks come to life.

This Huffington Post-like lifestyle magazine will publish 12 times throughout the quarter and each issue will consist of seven posts of curated, themed content gleaned from Cohort 12 postings, guest bloggers and an “Editor’s Note”.

The primary goal of connections|12 is to create connection beyond the simple act of virtual connectivity. The desired outcomes from these interactions include the following:

  • Cohort 12 peer-to-peer communication, introduction, and discussion.
  • Re-establishing personal contact with peers in my professional network and, in turn, expose other communication professionals to the MCDM program via a request for their contributions.
  • Outreach and exposure to the MCDM community-at-large by featuring highlights of the work of MCDM Cohort 12 in one accessible location that presents, and preserves, a cultural snapshot in time: Fall 2012.

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