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time-lapse iPhone photos

© JOHN HELLRIEGEL, SEATTLE IN MOTION, MCDM, Cohort 12 I decided to revisit some time-lapse with my iPhone. The best camera is the one you have, right? Anyway, I recently assembled an … Continue reading

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what’s for breakfast?

© JOSEFINA HELLENSBERG, Restrictions Turned Creative,  MCDM, Cohort 12 I’m always curious to find out what people, other than myself with similar dietary restrictions, have for breakfast. In Denmark, where … Continue reading

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of service to community

© AMBER, Intentional Seattle, MCDM, Cohort 12 I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of  ’intentional communities’- groups of people that formally create a community to share resources  and live in … Continue reading

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what’s my type?

© HANNS-PETER NAGEL, What’s My Type?,  MCDM, Cohort 12 So where do you start with creating a font? I have done some research, I looked at many, many typefaces and I … Continue reading

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